Fun and engaging workshops for all

What would you like to learn? Wildside Nature can design bespoke workshops which meet the needs of your learners.

Wildside Nature are fully flexible and can design bespoke workshops to ensure that we best meet the needs of your learners.

If you have a curricular topic or theme you would like us to explore then please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to plan something around this and to provide a fully flexible, collaborative plan for your young people. Please contact Donald if you have a Wildside theme that you would like us to develop in your school.

Prior to running workshops, Wildside Nature will provide a comprehensive workshop overview including a selection of sample teacher-led activities. We can also provide numerous resources such as display materials and other teaching resources, if requested.

All workshops are designed to cover half the school day, but can be adapted to be longer or shorter as required. Due to the active hands on nature of the workshops, they work best with 1 class (max 35 pupils) at a time.

*Wildside can either run 2 x workshops over a full day (1 in morning, 1 in afternoon), or several shorter condensed workshops throughout one day. We can also offer multiple workshops taking place over a number of different days with different age groups.

Please contact Wildside Nature to discuss prices. We can arrange discounted group pricing for multiple workshops in schools or for groups of schools.

Alternative workshops

  • ‍Under the Sea
  • ‍Bees and Pollination
  • ‍Camouflage
  • ‍Mini-beasts
  • ‍Animals of the Rainforest
  • ‍Bats & Echolocation

Make sure to check out our Events section for the latest events.

Contact Wildside Nature if you have any other themes or topics you would like us to develop for your learners.