Tribal Rainforests

Exploring the rich diversity of rainforest habitats

Having spent time carrying out biological research in the tropical rainforests of Africa, South-East Asia and South America (as well as the temperate rainforests of Scotland!). Donald is passionate about conserving and protecting these uniquely diverse and environmentally critical areas. Using his personal experience and knowledge of rainforests, Donald has designed an interactive workshop which explores the diversity of rainforest habitats and species, the indigenous people living in these unique environments and the inter-connected nature of these globally important habitats.

Workshop overview

This fun and hands on workshop is designed to explore the people, environment and wildlife of both temperate and tropical rainforests. The workshop activities are designed to introduce various tropical rainforest species and to explore the threats and benefits they pose for indigenous peoples.

Activities include

  • Learn about both tropical rainforests and temperate rainforests in Scotland and around the world, and the species found in them.
  • Develop your own tribal identity
  • Use numeracy skills in our own Wildside Tribal Olympics
  • Test your problem solving and engineering skills to explore how people survive in the rainforest environments
  • Develop survival skills for blow dart hunting, fishing, house building and insect foraging
  • Take part in a tribal Sing-Sing Dance-Off, based on real events that takes place between tribes in Papua New Guinea

What the pupils say

"Thanks Wildside for a fantastic workshop. All the information provided prior to coming in and running the workshop about rainforest tribes was so helpful to me!"
"The activities were really excellent and the children loved them."

What the teachers say

"I went home and told my parents all about it, they said that sounds fun, then I said it was more than fun! Before I didn’t like learning about the rainforest, but now I love it after you came in and we did the games and taught us more about the rainforest"
"I had a spectacular time! I learned so much I didn’t know already. I loved the activities. My favourite activity was making the houses. It was great fun! I also loved making up the dances. It felt amazing"