Birds, Eggs & Nesting

Discover bird diversity and why, how and where birds build their nests

Donald has worked in ornithological studies of a wide variety of birds in Scotland and around the world. The diverse species of birds found in Scotland provide a fantastic context for connecting young people with nature around them and developing an interest in the natural world.

Workshop overview

The nest building workshop is ideal for young and early learners and if needs be, it can be adapted for older learners. The workshop develops learners’ understanding of the huge diversity of bird species, and the different shapes, sizes and types of feathers, eggs and nests various species of birds have. Discover why, how and where birds build their nests and explore the behaviour of birds in a fun and interactive way. Pupils will have the chance to see and explore some real birds’ nests, eggs, feathers and skulls and then use their learning to design and build their own nests. We play a range of games and activities to understand the birds nesting and breeding behaviours and to engage pupils in learning, bird style!

Activities include

  • See, hold and examine real bird nests, eggs, feathers and skulls from different species of birds from around the world
  • Discover the huge diversity of different bird species found in Scotland and further afield
  • Understand how birds use their environment to find the best nest materials
  • Learn about some of the world’s most incredible bird nests.Build team and individual nests

What the pupils say

"I loved making our own nests!"
"It was great learning about all the different types of birds"

What the teachers say

"It was a wonderful workshop"
"It was great that Donald brought in real birds nests for the children to see and hold"